It's fun, it generally works as intended, and it's the main reason you should play Imperium if you're at all drawn to csocial strategy.


MMO Hunter, 2013

With its high-quality graphics, immersive space battles, well-designed base builder, rich ship customizations and an active community, Imperium: Galactic War is simply epic. It’s one of the best ever starship-themed sim&str MMOs on the web browser. Unbelievably, it’s free-to-play.



what kind of game is igw?

Imperium Galactic War is a politically driven, PVP centric social MMORTS for players who wish to take part in a competitive gameplay experience. The game premise is simple; players create a character, upgrade a starbase and attack and defend against other players and computer generated opponents that enter their sector. Players progress by improving their starbase, gaining resources by attacking NPCs and other enemy players. As players gain in power, enemy players look to slow or halt their progress for the sake of their own factions.

Why is the MMO part MASSIVE in IGW?

One universe, one massive community, tens of thousands of armada’s. IGW’s server technology is designed to hold over 200,000 (CCU) online players at once. If you are a very popular fellow, you and your 10,000 buddies can form a group that can raid the sectors of IGW. Check the media page for screenshots.

On what platforms will IGW be available?

During the beta, the game will launch on a using a Flash game client, the game runs on the latest Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
After about a year, we plan on releasing the HD version of the game that will be downloadable from our own portal.

When will the beta start?

We are resolving technical issues with the server cluster setup. As soon as it's done we will launch the game.

Will the game be available on Steam?

No, we intend to keep it on our own portal. Giving up 30% of all revenues hurts.

What are the lowest PC requirements to play IGW Beta?

Any PC made after 2007 should most likely run the game, as long as you have the latest Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox installed with Adobe Flash.
We intend to make sure the future HD version is also optimized enough to run on low-end & older devices.

Will IGW ever be mobile?

IGW is a PC-centric title - the controls are too complex to work well on mobile. We will release a companion app, that will allow you to play the game on autopilot. It will contain all the gameplay features, but it is meant to be treated as a companion app that does not deliver the full gameplay experience available on a PC, when you control the game with a mouse and a keyboard.

When, and why was the game shut down?

Kabam shut down IGW on November 9th 2013 a part of their strategic decision to focus entirely on mobile games, you can read the article here. During that time Kabam sold off all their web properties to RockYou media, the deal left behind IGW along with Deka Games Realm of The Mad God as both games were in beta. Despite the shut down the community stayed strong, and survived until today.

If I get the $100 tier, do I get the items from the lower tiers?

Yes, you get all previous tiers. Check the Reward List PDF, all rewards are explained there.

When are the items from the founder sale available ingame?

If I buy a $100 Founder Pack 3x over the course of the founder sale, am I credited a $300 Founder Pack or just the $100 Tier?

Where can I find a complete reward list?

Does Vavel cover travel, visa and stay for the visit to our Warsaw office & launch party?

Which items from the Founder Sale could be traded for Palladium in the future?

Will F-Sale items ever be available to purchase after the Founder Sale ends?

What’s the formula for the amount of Palladium received in the Founder Sale?

Can I buy the $1 Pack 100x to get 20,000 Palladium?

Can I name two sectors or two blueprints?


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